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Nothing is as real as a bitten apple

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After nights spent sailing on the milky way, looking straight forward and trying desperately to kiss the horizon line, I fell down on the ground at five in the morning wondering where I was and what countries I visited during this virtual trip. The circus of life hadn’t stopped, hadn’t waited for my poor self to strike back. I just needed something nice, nice and soft, a tea-spoon of sweetness not to feel bitter, half a pound of peace of mind… when I found this editorial above was still waiting for me (unlike the circus I was just describing a few lines earlier). Here I am, slightly happier as I get now the opportunity to share Inka’s and Neele‘s newest story, just out in Elle Japan. Nothing seemed fancier than a bunch of white teeth biting a bright red apple, nothing tasted visually sweeter than a sunglass glimpse. I just felt slightly more alive touching base with reality again. If my eyes had fingertips, I’d caress it immediately.