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I Could Foresee This Thing Happening to You

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I was tempted to choose a title like “I Wear Eyewear” but looking through the window and seeing snowflakes falling less than ten days before the start of spring, I thought we had enough bad jokes for today. So, I scratched the back of my head for a few seconds and remembered some old thoughts on Magdalena, when everything started to get hotter in her career. First big steps, first big expectations and I recall thinking that this young lady would be unstoppable now that she took off. If often disappointments are fed by underwhelming results once fashion weeks are over, a few rare (and bloody precious) cases are going the opposite way and exceed the wildest guesses by miles. With her current pile of editorial work and campaigns, Magdalena ticks all the necessary boxes to enter this second (and well blessed) category. She’s got the main campaign for Valentino, you knew and saw. She’s got the look with glasses too, by the one — and very only — Sarah Moon. So simple and serious, and simply, seriously stellar.