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Even if the Maestro himself is retired, Valentino remains synonymous with taste and refinement. Even if the brand seems slightly modernized, it hasn’t given up the classicism and creativity that differentiates it from its peers. The new Valentino is perhaps taking a bit more risks, in its will to stay away from the common kind, but once again it keeps the original spirit alive. This season, we can only be admirative of the creative choices: a less obvious model cast and a photographer we aren’t too used to see when it comes to campaigns. Sarah Moon‘s style is indeed at the exact opposite from the saturated images that seem so popular nowadays, with her light colors and dreamy and subtle aesthetic. And if Magdalena Jasek, credited as one of the campaign’s main characters, is clearly one of the rising stars of the season, the trend for more established models or celebrities is still alive and leaving only a small room to newcomers to debut their careers with high profile advertisement. All these points contribute to separate this campaign from most others and surely helps creating Magda’s significantly distinctive aura in modeling business.